Our founding attorney, Cadine Ferguson-Brown, is well-versed in immigration law. She understands the minutiae and detail needed to successfully navigate through the immigration process. She graduated from law school in England in 2000 and then relocated to New York City, USA where she became an active member of the NY State Bar Association. Mrs. Ferguson-Brown later relocated to Washington state where she continued practicing immigration law and soon joined the WA State Bar Association.

Our Immigration Law team has represented clients from all over the world and has the expertise and know-how to bring cases to a successful conclusion.


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With a presence in Washington and New York, the Ferguson-Brown Law Group offers the services of an attorney with over 11 years of experience in the field of immigration law. In addition, we have a legal team at your disposal, the majority of whom were born outside the United States and have since become US citizens. Our personal experiences with the immigration process give us a unique insight into the law and empathy for you; we understand the issues you are facing because we have dealt with them ourselves.

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We put great value in efficiency. Every client desires that their immigration matter is resolved quickly and so we pride ourselves in fulfilling their need with both competence and speed.

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