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VAWA - Violence Against Women Act​

Most people immigrate to the United States in hope of a better life.   Unfortunately, some immigrants fall prey to domestic abuse at the hands of their sponsor. Where an immigrant is living in an abusive relationship and meets certain criteria, he or she may be eligible for a visa or other lawful status under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

​The Violence Against Women Act is Federal law originally passed by Congress in 1994.  It allows immigrants that are victims of domestic violence or abuse to obtain legal status in the United States.  While many individuals are dependent upon the party that is abusing them, if they are being abused they should not have to depend upon their abusers for immigration purposes.  Immigration status can also be used to coerce or harass a spouse or child in a domestic violence situation and the victim could be afraid to report the abuse because they believe they will be deported.  VAWA allows the victims of domestic violence to escape the abuse without having to worry about their immigration status.

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