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Our lawyers are focused and driven. We get results. 

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At FB Law Group, we are committed to providing you with top notch legal support. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. We fight for you!


Our legal team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal solutions for our clients.

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Cadine Ferguson-Brown, Esq.

Our Washington-based Law Firm believes that your family matters...

Our primary attorney, Cadine Ferguson-Brown, is an award-winning and highly successful lawyer who specializes in Immigration Law. She has successfully represented her clients since she started practicing, over 14 years ago. Mrs. Ferguson-Brown knows the law!

Cadine Ferguson-Brown established FB Law Group with a simple goal in mind: ...family matters... With that, she pays attention to her clients, listens to their concerns, and vigorously represents them.

She has a passion for people, and for liberty and justice for all. Her team is hand-picked and is eager to fight on your behalf. Her compassion comes from the fact that she has first-hand experience of how the law works.

"At FB Law Group, we relate to our clients on a personal level. We value quality over quantity when we handle our clients' cases because each case is unique, as are our clients."

To set up a consultation with our award-winning team, call us at 360-614-9524.